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在6天的“進博時間”里,中航國際廈門公司與德國GHM集團攜手,為中國市場帶來了其旗下六大子品牌(包括Greisinger、Honsberg、Martens、IMTRON、Delta OHM、Val.co)的優質產品及方案,吸引了眾多來自機械制造、石油、化工、軌道交通、電力、橡膠、水務等行業的客戶前來咨詢。GHM在關注度上,日均接待客戶約200人次,意向客戶累計逾200家,為GHM集團在中國市場的持續開拓開辟新渠道、提供新平臺、創造新機遇。






Exceeding Expectations Brings Promising Future

——AVIC INTL Xiamen and GHM Group debuted at the third China International Import Expo

Xiamen / Remscheid  Nov.11, 2020

From November 5thto 10th2020, the third China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CIIE 2020") was grandly held in Shanghai. Under the conditions of normalization of epidemic prevention and control in China, CIIE 2020 was China’s largest exhibition with the largest number of participating countries, which has innovatively combined both online and offline exhibition forms and provided opportunities to promote the recovery of the world economy.

CIIE 2020 took up nearly 360,000 square meters of exhibition area, an increase of 30,000sqm compared with the previous one, attracting more than 3,800 companies from over 180 countries and regions around the world; the world’s top 500 and leading companies in the industry have actively participated in the exhibition, a lot of which have brought "world debut" products, technologies and services.

During the 6-day "Expo time", AVIC INTL Xiamen and GHM Group joined hands to bring impressive products from GHM’s six competence centers (including Greisinger, Honsberg, Martens, Imtron, Delta OHM & Val.Co) to the Chinese market. The high-quality products and solutions have attracted many customers from various industries and sectors ranging from machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, rail transit, power, rubber, water to others. GHM’s booth has received about 200 customers on average per day, and over 200 companies have expressed their interest in GHM’s products and solutions.

Through CIIE 2020, GHM Group, as a global expert in environmental and industrial automation measurement from Germany, will embrace an improved brand image and a stronger presence among Chinese enterprises. The exhibition has indeed presented new platforms and created new opportunities for GHM Group in the Chinese market.

In the meantime, we have learned more about varying needs of many outstanding Chinese companies. "Your ideas and requests are our inspiration." We look forward to working with more Chinese companies to improve their quality and efficiency in the field of industrial automation measurement and control, and riding the wind and waves with them to grow together!


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